Coparent Academy Podcast

#51 - 17 Strategies of Alienating Parents - Part 4

March 13, 2023
Coparent Academy Podcast
#51 - 17 Strategies of Alienating Parents - Part 4
Show Notes

In this 9th episode of our Parental Alienation season, we continue and conclude our discussion of the 17 strategies typically used by alienating parents. In this episode, we work through numbers 13, 14, 15, and 16 of the following 17 strategies:  

  1. Badmouthing
  2. Limiting Contact
  3. Interfering with Communication
  4. Interfering with Symbolic Communication
  5. Withdrawal of Love
  6. Telling Child Targeted Parent Does Not Love Him or Her
  7. Forcing Child to Choose
  8. Creating the Impression that the Targeted Parent is Dangerous
  9. Confiding in Child
  10. Forcing Child to Reject Targeted Parent
  11. Asking Child to Spy on Targeted Parent
  12. Asking Child to Keep Secrets from Targeted Parent
  13. Referring to Targeted Parent by First Name
  14. Referring to a Stepparent as “Mom” or “Dad” and Encouraging Child to Do the Same
  15. Withholding Medical, Academic, and Other Important Information from Targeted Parent/ Keeping Targeted Parent’s Name off of Medical, Academic, and Other Relevant Documents
  16. Changing Child’s Name to Remove Association with Targeted Parent
  17. Cultivating Dependency

The research behind today's episode was done by Dr.  Amy Baker (, and we rely on her 2006 article "Behaviors and Strategies Employed in Parental Alienation", which is available for free download here
In the following weeks, we'll do continue our deep dive into everything related to parental alienation, including: 

  • the effects of alienation on children and parents;
  • how to help alienated children and their parents;
  • controversy surrounding parental alienation syndrome; and
  • parental alienation as both domestic and child abuse

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