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#45 - 8 Behavioral Manifestations of Alienation in Children

January 30, 2023 Linda VanValkenburg and Ron Gore
Coparent Academy Podcast
#45 - 8 Behavioral Manifestations of Alienation in Children
Show Notes

In this 3rd episode of our Parental Alienation season, we discuss the 8 behavioral manifestations of alienation in children. Those behaviors are: 

  1. Campaign of denigration;
  2. Stating weak, frivolous and absurd reasons for the rejection of the target parent;
  3. Lack of ambivalence towards alienating and target parents;
  4. Strongly asserting the decision to reject the target parent is their “own will”;
  5. Absence of guilt about how the target parent is treated;
  6. Use of borrowed scenarios and ideas adopted from the alienating parent to make accusations against the target parent;
  7. Child will repeat back entire scenarios, even though they don’t understand the words they’re using or what the circumstances of the scenario mean; and
  8. Rejection spreads to target parent’s entire family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. 

In the following weeks, we'll do continue our deep dive into everything related to parental alienation, including: 

  • 17 strategies used by alienating parents;
  • the effects of alienation on children and parents;
  • how to help alienated children and their parents;
  • controversy surrounding parental alienation syndrome; and
  • parental alienation as both domestic and child abuse

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