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#44 - 4 Factor Model of Parental Alienation

January 23, 2023 Linda VanValkenburg and Ron Gore
Coparent Academy Podcast
#44 - 4 Factor Model of Parental Alienation
Show Notes

In this 2nd episode of our Parental Alienation season, we discuss the 4 Factor Model of Parental Alienation.  Those four factors are: 
1.    Existence of a prior positive relationship with now rejected parent.

2.    Absence of abuse or neglect on the part of the rejected parent.

3.    Use of alienating behaviors by the favored parent.

4.    Exhibition of alienation behaviors by child. 

The purpose of the 4 Factor Model is to rule out reasonable estrangement from an absent or abusive parent so that abused and/or neglected children are not mistaken for alienated children and placed back with their abuser. 

You can find Dr. Rachel Baker's 2018 article addressing the validity and reliability of the model at Reliability and validity of the four‐factor model of parental alienation (

In the following weeks, we'll do continue our deep dive into everything related to parental alienation, including: 

  • 8 behaviors of alienated children;
  • 17 strategies used by alienating parents;
  • the effects of alienation on children and parents;
  • how to help alienated children and their parents;
  • controversy surrounding parental alienation syndrome; and
  • parental alienation as both domestic and child abuse.

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