Coparent Academy Podcast

#43 - Brief History of Parental Alienation

January 16, 2023 Linda VanValkenburg and Ron Gore
Coparent Academy Podcast
#43 - Brief History of Parental Alienation
Show Notes

For the next several episodes we're focusing on Parental Alienation. In this episode, we give a brief history of parental alienation, which starts earlier than you may think. 

In the following weeks, we'll do a deep dive into everything related to parental alienation, including: 

  • 4 factors of parental alienation
  • 8 behaviors of alienated children
  • 17 strategies used by alienating parents
  • the effects of alienation on children and parents
  • how to help alienated children and their parents
  • controversy surrounding parental alienation syndrome
  • parental alienation as both domestic and child abuse

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